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  • Some reflection, raining day, shrimp salad and Yoko Akama

    Flipping the latest Design research journal, which taken from yesterday’s SVID (Sverige Industrial Design foundation) mingle, one of the paper immediately catches my eyes: A phenomenological view to co-designing services. The central framework of the paper draws from Tim Ingold’s phenomenological work, to inject his concepts into the service design discourse to lift us, literally…

  • Create with what exist,think of associations,collective memories and archetypes

    Archetypes, stories, rituals, gestures, memories, signs are what designers use to create experience, experience that associate with harmony, caring, share, playful…These associations happens in people’s brain when you use the right signs in the right contexts. As designer, I strive to understand the psychological archetypes behind a certain action and event. For example, flipping pages…

  • Involving children in designing public service

    when your child ask, “why is there a moon?” Do not reply with a scientific answer. Ask him, “what do you think?” He will understand that you are telling him, “you have your ideas and mind and your own interpretation and your ideas are important to me.” Then you and he can look for the…

  • Interview by BRANCHIE, at Milan Furniture Fair

    Interview by BRANCHIE, at Milan Furniture Fair

    Above: designers at A designer A day stand, at Zona tortona, Milan Furniture Fair, 2012. Here is an interview of Tian Tang Design by BRANCHIE during Milan Furniture Fair, 2012.04. Tian Tang in 1000 characters. Born in China, I was educated as an industrial designer. The desire to turn everyday situations into imaginative moments took me to…

  • Draw your citywishes workshop & exhibition

    Draw your citywishes workshop & exhibition

    Video: https://www.vimeo.com/33307587 Gothenburg City Museum, 2011.11-2012.01 Initiated by Maria Forneheim, Gothenburg city museum’s projectleader Concept, interior, film, facilitated by Tian Tang Background: Children’s museum in Gothenburg city museum holds lectures, conducts creative workshops and provides playing areas. Children’s museum bought two of Come & Draw to place in their play areas and want to use them in…

  • “First pancakes” from Child Culture Design

    “First pancakes” from Child Culture Design

      Yes, we are the first pancakes from Child Culture Design master prgram, the only one of its kind in the world! ” …I cannot help it, I got to use the pancake metaphor, because you are the first pancakes, which normally turns out pale and brown, but it can be wrong! Instead of being…

  • Röhsska museum creative toolkit

    Röhsska museum creative toolkit

    Team: Patree Arthayukti, Maya Peng,  Sara Stiber, Tian Tang. Röhsska museum is a art and design museum which has permanent exhibitions about Japhanese and Chinese culture in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are asked to design a creative stories and activities to encourage children who are 5 to 8 years old to explore the museum by themselves.  …

  • Interview by Elle China

    Interview by Elle China

    1. Where were you born? What was your childhood dream? To be a designer? I was born in Nanning city, Guangxi Province China. My childhood dream is to be a world traveler. 2. What is your education background? How did you become a designer finally? What is the trigger? Is there anyone in your family…

  • Play archetypes

    Play archetypes

    My master degree work is a research looking into play archetypes in everyday life with an aim to build a subtle, inform playful environment yet ordinary and functional. Read the whole report here

  • Behind the scene

    Behind the scene


  • Come and Draw Table

    Come and Draw Table

          Designer: Tian Tang ©2010 Design description This lovely Come and Draw Table is not only an artistic drawing space, but also a special storage for your kids´ precious art work and memories. It features hundreds of unique round paper stacked on the tabletop. Fun, improvisational, playful, it pretty much speaks the same language as…

  • Come & Draw Clock

    Come & Draw Clock

    Come & Draw Clock Designer: Tian Tang ©2011 Design description: Tian do not like waste.Using the leftover from the production of Come and Draw Table, Tian has made this lovely clock. It features a pile of round paper stack together. Tactile and colorful, it invites you to draw and share your day. It is also a graphical…

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