Draw your citywishes workshop & exhibition

Video: https://www.vimeo.com/33307587

Gothenburg City Museum, 2011.11-2012.01

Initiated by Maria Forneheim, Gothenburg city museum’s projectleader
Concept, interior, film, facilitated by Tian Tang

Children’s museum in Gothenburg city museum holds lectures, conducts creative workshops and provides playing areas. Children’s museum bought two of Come & Draw to place in their play areas and want to use them in the creative workshops. The museum asked me to organize workshops and exhibition during Christmas as an introduction of Come & Draw to the public.
To exaggerate the decoration feeling of the round paper, I came up with the idea of having the round paper as drawing frames as well as interior decoration.
Children are asked to draw under a theme during two days creative workshops. Then all the drawings are collected and used as decoration to create the images of “Christmas tree” and “Christmas candy” . The room itself, the drawings and the documentary video taken during the workshop becomes an exhibition lasting from Christmas to the new year.
















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