Röhsska museum creative toolkit

Team: Patree Arthayukti, Maya Peng,  Sara Stiber, Tian Tang.

Röhsska museum is a art and design museum which has permanent exhibitions about Japhanese and Chinese culture in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are asked to design a creative stories and activities to encourage children who are 5 to 8 years old to explore the museum by themselves.


We create a storyline, characters and different activities which encourage children studying the exhibited objects’ form and the culture behind. Among other, view finder and mimic budda are the most popular ones.

Above: Chinese dragon follows his love: the Swedish unique horn, cross the sea, again the wind, all the way to Sweden.

Above: And the dragon have his house here, with all his Chinese collection from home, and new collected things in Sweden.

Above: View finder. To find the right shapes!

Above: Mimic Buddha. Move your body!

Above: pop-up 3d museum map inbuilt with stories.

Above: story cards.


Above: The facade of Röhsska museum and the creative toolkit.

Above: The follow up introductory cut & paste workshop in Röhsska museum.








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