Sketch Cofffee Tables

sketch coffee table in usesketch coffee table detail

Product name: Sketch Coffee Tables

Designed by Tian Tang in 2014 spring

Sketch Coffee Tables contains two differently sized tables with can be nested, with the smaller one being concealed under the larger one. On top of the smaller one stores 300 pieces 6 color paper. These small sofa tables can be easily arranged into larger, free flowing work space, stimulates spontaneous play time or a wild brainstorming section. Perfect for small apartments or creative office space.

Sketch Coffee Tables. 245€
Sketch Coffee Tables. 245€

sketch coffee table drawing

sketch coffee tables in use



Big : W44cm x L74cm x H43cm

Small: W29cm x L60cm x H40cm


Beech, painted plywood (orange), 225pcs FSC paper 6 colors (coral red, sunflower yellow, spring green, dark green and aqua blue)






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