Category: Work

  • Sketch Cofffee Tables

    Sketch Cofffee Tables

    Product name: Sketch Coffee Tables Designed by Tian Tang in 2014 spring Sketch Coffee Tables contains two differently sized tables with can be nested, with the smaller one being concealed under the larger one. On top of the smaller one stores 300 pieces 6 color paper. These small sofa tables can be easily arranged into…

  • Through Light Desk

    Through Light Desk

    “I remember when I was young, there is this special afternoon, in the smell of rain, I raised my head, through the sunshine, I saw the most vivid green in my life.” *Prototype is made of pine, products for sale are made of birch. Product Name: Through Light Desk Designed by Tian Tang in 2014 spring…

  • Come and Draw Table

    Come and Draw Table

          Designer: Tian Tang ©2010 Design description This lovely Come and Draw Table is not only an artistic drawing space, but also a special storage for your kids´ precious art work and memories. It features hundreds of unique round paper stacked on the tabletop. Fun, improvisational, playful, it pretty much speaks the same language as…

  • Come & Draw Clock

    Come & Draw Clock

    Come & Draw Clock Designer: Tian Tang ©2011 Design description: Tian do not like waste.Using the leftover from the production of Come and Draw Table, Tian has made this lovely clock. It features a pile of round paper stack together. Tactile and colorful, it invites you to draw and share your day. It is also a graphical…

  • Child’s Table

    Child’s Table

    Designer: Tian Tang ©2011 Design description By simplifying table’s structure,  its minimum outline creates both a table and a house archetypal with a purpose of enrich scenario experience within children’s environment. Pulling string indicates a lighting function under table which softens the space and helps compose a rich lightscape. Innovative construction makes it thin but stable. Flat…

  • Summer Log textile

    Summer Log textile

    Designer: Tian Tang ©2010 Design description Summer Log is inspired by nature. Skin of the trees, moss, moonlight and birch.   Profile wrinkle, random, elastic   Material Knitted lycka and cotton   Availablity Prototype

  • Paper Swing

    Paper Swing

      Designer: Tian Tang ©2011 Design description By designing an add-on to roll paper, I aim to provide a simple, handy solution to build a temporary drawing place and also easy to take away. Profile handy big drawing canvas. simple, make it yourself Material & Size Roll paper, wood stick, string  Availability download the blueprint and…