Planning workshop in Västra Frölunda playground


Child Culture Design students helped City of Gothenburg to gather children´s ideas of how
playground in Västra Frölunda can be.

We arranged a kick-off workshop together with two different age group children, child researcher
who provides technique of interviewing children, preschool teachers and project leader from city
of Gothenburg. Planning workshop consists of three parts: the first is outdoor activities.We
joined children play through all the whole landscape as if we are their friends. The second is indoor
activities. A scale model of playground landscape is showed and modeling material are provided
to children and they are asked to express their dream playground by making models or play out
the scenarios together us. The third section is customer journey mapping with us and project
leader from City of Gothenburg.
After the workshop, we synthesize play behaviours, words and desire to four key words:
immersion, proportion, trace and multi-sensory for the next concept develop phase.



10 concepts are developed, three are prototyped and tested with children. Two are completed by
City of Gothenburg.






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